A list of training to create

A list of training to create

First off, you should be really proud of yourself for sticking here so far. You are already well on your way to systemizing your wedding venue business. So far, you should have gotten yourself a free gmail account, setup a folder in google drive and also created a free account at Asana.

I’m going to make it really easy on you in today’s blog. I’m going to get you started by helping you make a list of all the things you’ll need to create training on in your wedding venue business. Keep in mind that this training is for you as well as any potential employees, subcontractors, last minute helpers etc you may decide to hire. It’s also very helpful for your customers. Creating systems like this makes everything easier for everyone who ever comes into contact with you and your business.


The following is meant to be added to a checklist like Asana, and then added to over a period of months. The goal isn’t to complete it all at once. Just create one document per week and put it in your folder. You can start by answering the questions in note form.

Here are some suggestions on things to make training on:


-Make a list of all the ways you market your business (Adwords, facebook ads, social media, wedding shows etc)

-What are the logins and passwords for these accounts? (you can also use a tool like www.lastpass.com to store passwords easily.)

-How much do you spend per month on each of these forms of marketing?

-How often do you need to do marketing tasks?

For each form of marketing you do, create a checklist, training video, or SOP (standard operating procedure). 



-How do clients contact you? (Your website’s contact form? Email? Phone?)

-What tools do you use to help you sell? Are you using a follow up tool like www.eventtemple.com to follow up automatically?

-What is your sales email? What phone number do potential clients call? What is your website URL?

-How often do you follow up?

-How do you follow up? (Email? Phone? Text?)

-What do you say when you follow up? (If you use a tool like Event Temple, you can include all of your email templates, so they are pre-written and ready to go)

-What is the goal of your follow up? (To get a meeting? Skype? Phone Call?)

-What do you say when you are on the phone? Do you have a sales script or a rough outline of one?

-What packages do you sell?

-What makes you unique, special and interesting?

-Why should they book you?

-What is your pricing?

-Who are your top 5 competitors?

-Who is your ideal client? What is their ideal budget?

-Do you have a proposal you always send? If so, include it.

-What is a good conversion rate for you? Do you close 20% of everyone who contacts you? Or more?

Are you tracking it?

Just try to outline your entire sales process, along with all the tools used. Make it so I could literally read this list and take over your sales for you tomorrow.



-Do you use a CRM? If so, what’s the login and password?

-Create training on using your CRM

-Do you have a to-do list for every wedding? Where is it?

-Explain how you plan/organize in the months and days leading up to the wedding

-When do you take the deposit? How much is it?

-When do you take the remainder? How much is it?

-What forms of payment do you take? (Visa? MC? Amex? Cheque? E Transfer? Paypal?)

-Is there any forms of payment you do not take?

-Do you have a contract? Is it always the same, or can it be changed? (Include it in your folder)

-What is your cancellation policy? What if they are sick? What if they break up? What if they found someone they like more?

-Do you refund deposits? Do you refund remainders?

-When is the deposit due? When is the remainder due? What happens if they miss a payment? What about if they don’t pay on time?

-When is the contract due? What if they want to change the contract but you don’t want them to?

-What happens if there is a complaint? Do you issue a refund? How much?

-What complaints are valid and which aren’t?

-What is your cancellation policy if you get sick, or can’t make it? Do you have a backup plan?

-What email can your customers reach you at? What phone number?

-What hours are you available?

-Is your contact information available on your website?

-Is there any information the customer needs to provide you with? When should the provide it?

-Who is in charge, the bride, the groom, the bride’s mom, someone else?

-What behaviour from clients will you tolerate? What won’t you tolerate? What will happen if they behave in a way you won’t tolerate? (You should do this for vendors and employees too)

-What services are included in your package and what are add-ons?



-Who does your accounting? How often? How much do you pay them?

-What is your accountant’s contact information?

-If you do your own accounting, when do you do it? What tools do you use?

-What is your budget for marketing? How much will you spend on each type and when?

-How much money do you want to make this year? How many bookings do you need? How many inquiries do you need?

-What is your tax rate?

-What is your cost of living?




As you can see, this is quite a list. It’s a good start and you should be able to quickly answer most of these questions. If you can’t answer them, that’s okay. There are plenty of answers in our blog to many of these questions as well as best practices and we will add more and more in over time.

Now that you’ve got your list, it’s time to make your first checklist, video or standard operating procedure. I recommend keeping things REALLY SIMPLE to start with. Just write down a few notes. If you don’t know how to do something, feel free to ask in our Facebook Group as well and make sure to regularly check back on the blog.

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