Lesson 1: How I Doubled My Wedding Bookings

Lesson 1: How I Doubled My Wedding Bookings

About This Lesson

In this short lesson I’ll teach you how you can start getting new leads for free by the end of the week!

You won’t need any advertising money to get started and the techniques are very easy to learn and execute. With a supply of free leads, we’ll then show you how to turn those leads into bookings in the coming lessons.

Estimated Time Needed For Lesson:

20 minutes


What You’ll Learn:

• How to use Facebook Groups to find a consistent supply of free leads on a weekly basis

• How to get more leads from your website, for free


Let’s Get You Some Free Leads!

First of all, congratulations on deciding to sign up for this free course. Many wedding professionals get so wrapped up on working in their business that they forget to work on their business. Plus, let’s face it, taking photos, creating beautiful designs, spinning records, or meeting with clients is the fun part of this business. The sales and marketing can often be a bit of a drag. The great thing about this course though is that in 5 quick lessons (around 20 minutes each), you’ll learn enough to start generating leads for free. We’ll also show you how to convert your leads into paying clients so that you can double your business. It’s not a bad investment for the time it takes to watch a movie and we really believe if you execute it properly, it can change your business and your life. So, without further adieu, let’s get into it!

Facebook Groups:

Facebook Groups are the BEST way I know of to get a consistent and steady stream of free leads into your pipeline. This is a fairly new method of finding leads (I discovered it 1.5 – 2 years ago) and I’ve since noticed that couples are using it more and more to find vendors. The best part about advertising on Facebook Groups is that you are replying to couples that are already looking for your services. You also don’t have to do it daily, once a week is more than enough. As well, this advertising channel is trending upward, meaning that over time I’ve noticed more and more couples asking about vendors on Facebook. Since it is becoming more and more popular, you can expect Facebook Groups to generate even more leads for you over time than they do right now. The best part is, it costs absolutely nothing to get leads this way and it’s available in nearly every city. If you don’t have a Facebook group in your area, I highly suggest creating one.

In this video below, I’ll show you exactly how to:

  1. Find Facebook Groups to join where brides and grooms are looking for vendors like you
  2. Join the groups
  3. Search your groups to find couples looking for your services
  4. Post about your services so that couples will inquire with you
  5. How to advertise yourself without being a jerk
  6. How often to advertise in the group
  7. How often to check back in the group
  8. How to use Facebook Groups to create a consistent inflow of leads


Get More Leads From Your Website:

The second best way I know of to get free leads is from your existing website. It sounds crazy, but it’s true. If you have google analytics installed on your website, you can easily see how many unique website visitors you have per month. With Google Analytics you can see how many different people visit your website every month. (There’s a free course on analytics from Google here). Whether you install and take the google analytics course or not is up to you but I think it’s safe for me to predict that there is a very likely chance that you are getting more visitors to your website than you are getting inquiries to your phone number/website contact form. Far More. 

At my company for instance, we had thousands of unique visitors per month, but we didn’t have thousands of inquiries. This means that people are coming to the website, visiting and then leaving without filling out my contact form or calling me to inquire about price and availability. How dare they do such a thing! All jokes aside though, if I simply “captured” more of those leads, I could contact them and convert them into customers. Basically, they are already visiting my site, I just need a way to get their email so I can stay in touch with them. The leads are right there, if I could only just grab them somehow….

How to grab leads:

In this video, I’ll show you how to use Convify, a totally free service to capture leads. There are more paid versions but I chose Convify because the price is right and it is so easy to use and setup.

It’s really a 3 step process. All you do is the following:

  • Sign up for convify at www.convify.com (it’s totally free and no we are not affiliate with them in any way at all)
  • Design your capture form. Here’s mine:

  •  Embed the code on your website
  • Test it all out and you are set
  • Login to Convify to see the leads you got
  • Email the leads a follow up sequence using a tool like www.eventtemple.com or something similar
  • Use a plain text follow up email that is from YOUR email address, and make sure it has no images
  • Do not use mailchimp, aweber or email marketing. It will go to spam and they will either not see it or won’t read it. Those services are for email marketing (how Im messaging you to let you know about this course), not for sales. Sales should be personal and feel like you took the time to write them yourself.

Check out the Convify tutorial video here:


That’s it for lesson 1!

Okay, well that’s it for lesson 1. Thank you so much for sticking around.

Now you know 2 free ways to get more leads to your website and also from Facebook. By the way, if you want to get more visitors to your website, you can write blog posts about topics that couples getting married in your area may be interested in (like venues, marriage tips, etc) and post those in the same Facebook groups. That will help your SEO and get you more visitors. Just make sure to advertise in the Facebook groups no more than twice per month. The only exception is if you are replying to a bride or groom who is asking about your type of services, then you can respond as much as you want.

Here’s a quick video recap of what we learned and what is coming next:

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