Mini Courses

Mini Courses


Welcome to Event Temple’s Mini Courses!

This entire blog is dedicated to the idea that you can grow your wedding and event business into a profitable, systemized business that takes very little time to run. I did it and you can too! And even if you LOVE working on your business, I will still teach you how to run your team, organize your administrative work and run your finances so that it makes it easier for others to work with you and a more enjoyable business to be a part of. Think of it as turning your business into a beautiful and organized machine. A true thing of beauty. You do that with events right? Why not do it with your business too?


Our mini courses are divided into sections:

  1. Sales & Marketing
  2. Money
  3. Systems


Where to begin?

We recommend you start by choosing a topic that interests you and then working through the mini courses one at a time, either daily or weekly until you are finished. We’ve started with sales and marketing because if those aren’t dialed in, you won’t have a business to manage.

Once you have lots of leads and are booking sales, we will show you how to budget your money and figure out what you can afford to do in order to grow and systemize your business. Finally, once you have lots of bookings, we’ll show you how to systemize the business so that its a pleasure to manage, not a nightmare.


We will try to keep the mini courses as concise, short and to the point as possible. As time goes on, we will add more mini courses to the blog based on your feedback.

We also have a Help Center, where you can learn how to use our tools at more effectively and a news section where we will post about our startup and industry news.


Here’s to your success in growing your business!