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My friends who work at venues all have something in common: they’re very busy.

Because of this, my goal with this blog is to give you the information you need to grow your venue business in the fastest, clearest, most concise way possible.

Rather than an endless stream of random blog posts, I’ve chosen to create a series of mini-courses.

I know you don’t have time to spend hours and hours digging into courses, materials and homework because I don’t either. Instead, I wanted to give you the key pieces of information that can actually change your business and make an impact, fast.


So what makes me qualified to teach this material? Isn’t this just another software startup’s blog?

Not at all.

Before my team and I created Event Temple, I founded a wedding and event DJ company called Airwaves Music almost 10 years ago. The business was an unlikely success since I started with only $100 and had no previous experience running a company. Fast track today and Airwaves is making well into the 6 figures, operating in 7 cities with a team of nearly 60 DJs and an internal admin team of 5. Surprisingly, running a large DJ company at scale is very similar to running a venue from a sales, marketing and management point of view. Many of the same roadblocks occur in both and most of the same strategies work across both as well.

I’ve also had the pleasure of interviewing nearly 200 event professionals over the course of 2 years, many of them venue owners or managers. I’ve interviewed venue teams at hotels, wedding venues, conference centres, golf courses, colleges, universities and many more. I’ve also had the unique opportunity of being able to see the marketing, sales strategies and operations strategies from over 1050 of our users at today’s writing. I’ve seen some of the best in the industry and some of the worst and I am absolutely convinced there is a formula that if you just follow, you will see dramatic results in time savings and revenue growth.

This blog will explain how.

I’ve seen that you can create a large, profitable, passive business in the wedding & event venue industry first hand. I myself made a ton of mistakes and went through a lot of pain learning with my own multi-city business and now I want to help you avoid all of that so that you can succeed faster. You can think of reading this blog like an accelerator program, getting you where you want to go even faster.


Having said that, I am a bit more ambitious than just explaining how I did it. I want you to do it too.

Things constantly change so I want to give you access to the best ideas, tools, strategies and tactics the venue industry has to offer. That will be easy for me to do since I am already obsessed with finding these things out so that Event Temple can continue to thrive and Im happy to share my findings with you. I work with our customers on a daily basis both over the phone and in person to learn as much as I can about what exactly makes a venue succeed and thrive.

I want to now say congratulations. You’ve taken the first step to improving your venue by reading this post. It’s very important to celebrate your wins you know, no matter how small.

The next step is to pick a topic that interest you and start a mini course. Read one post a day or a week until you are done that mini course.


I’ll keep updating the blog with more courses over time and feel free to give me feedback about material you’d like to see at bob (at) eventtemple (dot) com. I’ll also provide downloads to tools, scripts, checklists and more to help you implement what you learn even faster.


That’s it for now, congrats again on getting started and I look forward to helping you take your venue to the next level!



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