The Entire Flow Of My DJ Business

The Entire Flow Of My DJ Business

Since we are talking about systems, and I promised to just GIVE you the templates you need to systemize yours, I thought I’d share the entire flow of my wedding DJ business, Airwaves Music. If you have a photography business, or a wedding planning business, or anything different from a DJ company, your flow will be different. Having said that, you can still take 80% of my outline and use it for your business. If you have a DJ business, you will probably still want to customize what I have here as I’ve chosen things that I believe in, know and understand. You may have a different, better way to run your business that works for you and I really encourage you to make your business your own.

To keep it really authentic, I’m giving you the exact version that new members of my team see. If it seems like a lot, don’t be intimidated by it. It is a lot. I’ve had the business for nearly 10 years and we have over 50 DJs in 5 cities. As you grow, you’ll need to add additional systems and complexities to your business. In the beginning though, just keep it simple and only include what you absolutely need.

The Airwaves Company Flow

Airwaves is a machine.

We are successful the more we streamline each part of the machine and execute it perfectly and systematically.


Step 1: Find DJs

-Run Ads

-Research DJs and Reach Out

-Ask our network for DJ referrals

-Screen DJs

-Interview DJs

-Always have 8 DJs per city on team

-Always have 5 backup DJs per city on team

Step 2: Train DJs

-Send DJs our training manual

-Send DJs online video training

-Get phone, address and email from DJs

-Get bio, photo, music samples from DJs

-Add DJs to Ewebmin, Contact List, FB Group and Website

-Send DJs our values

-Train DJs in person at live meeting

-Identify weaknesses and improve at live training

-Teach DJs how everything works at Airwaves

-Teach DJs how to be great at the event

-Send DJs to shadow gigs and see how Sr Team Members feel about them


Step 3: Incentivize DJs

-Give DJs business cards

-Put DJs on site

-Give DJs swag/welcome package

-Send DJs to team meetings

-Teach DJs to earn more

-Teach DJs how to build a great reputation

-Hold contests for a job well done

-Recognize DJs doing well publicly

-Track what matters publicly (good reviews, # gig switches, # of cancellations, # of meetings attended)

-Pay DJs more over time/promote them


Step 4: Market DJs

-Grow monthly leads

-Run ads online (adwords, fb) on a schedule

-Refer leads to friends in industry

-Blog/create social media content on a schedule

-Track SEO – ensure keywords are going up in rank

-Track marketing ROI against spending

-Manage website (ensure content, images, site are high quality)

-Reply in local wedding FB groups

-Build relationships with new vendors to get referrals

-Continue relationships with old vendors to continue referrals

-Ensure all referral partners are happy

-Pay DJs for referrals

-We host local wedding industry parties


Step 5: Sell

-Grow monthly sales

-Respond to inquiries within 15 minutes of receipt

-Talk to all inquiries on phone

-Send inquiries high quality proposal

-Follow up via email and text with inquiries

-“Go until no” with follow ups

-Track leads per month

-Track sales per month

-Hit sales goal weekly and monthly

-Get contracts sign

-Get invoices paid

-Client is given to-do list and all their accountabilities

-Client is given a video of how things work and our boundaries


Step 6: Get Paid

-Get invoices paid within 14 days of booking

-Get remainders paid within 14 days of event

-Never have money owing after event is over

-Send overdue events to collections

-Handle event cancellations

-Don’t refund deposits

-Collect money owing to us as soon as possible

-Issue payroll to DJs and staff

Step 7: Get Event Information

-Ensure you have location for ceremony and/or Reception

-Ensure you have emergency contact information

-Ensure planning form is completed

-Ensure music request form is completed

-Double check if they need us for ceremony

-Double check start and end times

-Get client’s home address


Step 8: Plan The Event

-Plan all events 30 days in advance minimum

-Ensure DJ is assigned

-Ensure DJ confirms event 7 Days in advance

-Ensure Backup DJ is assigned

-Ensure Backup DJ confirms

-Ensure rental equipment is picked up by DJ

-Handle last minute client requests

-Ensure all payments are in

-Identify red-flag DJs (new DJs or problem DJs)

-Identify red-flag events (long travel, equipment rentals, ferry access only, multiple DJ locations)

-Charge client for equipment rentals, travel, parking

-DJ calls client 2 weeks in advance

-DJ requests video review in advance if they do a good job

-We email client 1 week in advance

Step 9: Execute The Event

-Ensure team member in office is on day-of standby

-Ensure all DJs have stand-by team member’s cell number

-Ensure DJ checks in 4 hours early

-Send backup DJ if DJ doesn’t check in

-Ensure DJ checks in to setup 2 hours early

-Mark off all DJs as they check in


Step 10: Be Great At The Event

-DJ brings thank-you card

-DJ checks in 4 hours early

-DJ sets up 2 hours early

-DJ takes first dance photo

-DJ plays requests

-DJ dresses sharp

-DJ’s gear is clean and organized

-DJ’s music is tested and flawless

-DJ can mix well

-DJ interacts with crowd

-No mic feedback

-DJ gives client gift at event

-DJ emails client after event to thank them

-DJ requests video review at event


Step 11: Get Reviews

-DJ tags the first dance photo on social media and thanks vendors

-DJ emails client after event to thank them

-Event planner follows up for review

-We track and incentivize # of reviews per DJ publicly

-We give prized for most good reviews

-Good reviews are posted in FB group and DJs are praised

-CD of music/thank you card is mailed to client


Step 12: Team Meetings

-DJs attend 4 team meetings a year

-1 DJ leads the meetings

-Meetings take place in coworking space

-Meetings organized far in advance by Event Planner

-DJs learn how to be great at Event

-Swag/thank you cards are distributed

-Praise/recognition is distributed

-Team environment is established

-Manuals are distributed

-Training and values are re-enforced

-Meeting is a mix of live chat, team activities and powerpoint/video

-Contests are held at team meetings


Step 13: Promote and Fire

-DJs are promoted based on reviews

-DJs are promoted based on how often they are requested

-We charge more for certain DJs

-DJs also can win contests (we use a public leaderboard)

-DJs that get complaints will be fired

-DJs who get complaints will be taken off of gigs

-New DJs will be assigned

-Volunteer and backup DJs will be given the most gigs

-DJs will also be promoted based on values, attitude and participation in group

-All DJs will be rated internally

-Track DJ retention and ensure we are retaining more great people over time


Step 14: Admin Team

-Sales Rep will always be on team

-Event Manager will always be on team

-Marketing Coordinator will always be on team

-Referral Rep will always be on team

-Payroll/AR will always be on team

-DJ HR/Training will always be on team

-Finance will always be on team

-Operations Manager will always be on team

(Roles are often combined until we reach the size where they become their own role)

-Accounting Company will always be outsourced

-SEO Company will always be outsourced

-Website Company will always be outsourced

-Lawyer will always be outsourced

-Additional marketing activities may be outsourced

-Office will always be a coworking space

-1-3 office days per week

-1 admin team meeting per month in boardroom 

(outsourced team members won’t be at admin team meetings, or office days and neither will DJs)


Step 15: Operations Manager

-Reads financial reports (ensures company is profitable and we aren’t wasting money)

-Ensures we have all admin roles hired and filled

-Ensures we have a backup on standby for all key admin roles (new hires ready to go in case other hires get sick, quit, etc)

-Hire and fire admin roles

-Establish new policies

-Measures KPIs weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually for all key roles

-Leads monthly team meeting

-Leads weekly team meeting

-Ensures we donate to charities we have made commitments to on time


Step 16: Entire Team Responsibilities

-Ensures we are growing leads monthly

-Ensures we are growing sales monthly

-Identify new training to be created

-Identify new systems to be implemented

-Ensures we get a lot of good reviews

-Ensures complaints are low/non-existant

-Ensures we have enough DJs and backup DJs

-Identifies new marketing and sales strategies

-Identifies more efficient event planning strategies

-Identify more efficient strategies for all parts of company

-Introduce company to new potential Admin Team members

Then, we start again at Step 1!!!


As I said, you don’t need to do this all in one day, just use it as a rough guide to mapping out what your own business looks like, with every single step included. Then, identify areas where you can improve your processes. You might see an area where software could automate the job, or where you really need to hire someone. Basically, this gives you a roadmap to systemizing your entire business. Once you have the road map, you can slowly but surely begin building out your business so that it can run completely without you!

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