We’ve Added Referrals!!!

We’ve Added Referrals!!!


What if you could grow your wedding business with very little effort and no money, all while helping your friend succeed? Well, that’s exactly what we have figured out how to do with our newest referral feature at Event Temple!!!

Let’s say you get say, 5 leads a month or 60 a year. Imagine now that you could refer every one of those leads to 10 friends in a matter of seconds. You’d be making 600 referrals a year. Even if 10% of those referrals resulted in your friends referring you back, you’d be getting 60 new leads a year, effectively doubling your business at NO COST.

With Event Temple, referring your friends is simple. You simply login, and choose vendor’s you want to add to your “Preferred Vendors List”:

Next, you write out the message you want to send the bride who you are referring your friend to. You also write the message to send your friend. If you want, you can also just use the pre-written default templates available too!


The end result is that you can quickly refer your friend’s businesses to all of your brides in a snap. When the bride receives the email, she’ll be given a list of all the businesses you referred to her. She can simply check off the business that she’s interested in and then they’ll be able to contact her, so you never have to worry about your friend’s spamming the bride. The bride opts in and chooses which vendors she wants to connect with her.

We’ll also give you the ability to give each of your friends a free Event Temple account, which includes everything but automation and emails so that they can manage the leads you send them more effectively.

We’re very confident you’ll see a huge uptick in business if you send referrals to all of your brides and look forward to watching your wedding business grow!

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